Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Authentic Greek Specialities

Not only do we offer traditional Italian cuisine, we also have a wonderful selection of authentic Greek specialities on our menu.
The Cretan diet is world renowned for its promotion of good health and longevity. You will find a selection of appetisers that feature vine leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs, Greek salad with wonderful Cretan tomatoes, fresh grilled locally grown vegetables and goat cheese.
A fantastic starter to share is our MIXED GREEK PLATE; a wonderful selection of traditional Cretan dips with Tirokafteri, a spicy creamed feta; Melitzansalata, mashed baked aubergine with fresh parsley, lemon juice and yogurt; Tzatziki, the famous cucumber and yogurt dip; Taramasalata, a tasty combination of caviar and yogurt; Skordalia, potato and garlic puree, and Gigas, the very traditional big beans with a fresh tomato sauce.

Youvetsi is an authentic Cretan recipe that many Greek restaurants now fail to offer. Chicken or beef is slowly cooked with fresh tomato and spices. A small pasta, very similar to rice, is added to the juices and the dish is baked in the oven. A tasty alternative to the Italian pasta on offer.

Low in cholesterol and with the added benefit of locally produced olive oil and herbs, our authentic Greek menu is something not to be missed

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Taxi from your accomodation

La Strada offers all its customers the opportunity to dine with us, even if you are staying outside the town. Our FREE taxi transfer is available to all customers staying within a 10km radius of the town. Simply call (0030) 28410 25841 to let us know where you are and what time you would like to come...and leave the rest to us. Emilliano, one of the friendly staff at La Strada will be happy to guide you through the menu and give you our take away flyer with details on how to arrange your free transfer. See you soon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sea food at La Strada

There is no place like the Mediterranean to experience fresh seafood. At La Strada we offer the freshest ingredients combined in traditional Greek and Italian dishes:
Fresh Fish - we have regular catch of the day on offer for our customers. Excellent Seabass and Dorado are available throughout most of the summer and come with a wide range of accompaniments 14.50
Tagliatelle with lobster 8.00
Tagliatelle with King Prawns 7.00
Tagliatelle ocean 7.00
Penne al Tonno 6.00
Penne gambaretti 6.50
Spaghetti frutti de mare 6.50
Spaghetti al sepia 6.50
Fresh Lobster is available upon request.
Mix fried of grilled fish 13.50
Mixed seafood, fried or grilled 14.50
A selection of white fish fillets with tantalising sauces to suit any taste 10.50
Calamari 7.00

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

House wine

La Strada prides itself on its house wine. We believe that a house wine should match the quality of the food and we are proud to offer three delicious varieties to our customers.

Locally grown grapes from Crete are pressed and bottles exclusively for La Strada and our sister restaurant Gold. Aptly named Gold, we offer La Strada customers open carafe or bottles to accompany their meal.

Gold White, a favourite of staff and the owner after hours!!! This medium dry white has a light bouquet and a delicious fruity edge. Great with the fresh fish and seafood dishes we offer.

Gold Red, a medium bodied red with underlying berry tones and a hint of fruit suits most palettes and compliments the traditional Greek dishes of STIFADO and KLEFTIKO superbly.

Gold Rose, a delicious light and semi-dry, fruity summer rose that will please everyone.

Ask for a carafe, available in half litre and litre sizes, for optimum value and taste. YAMAS!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming up in the next month:
  • The traditional Greek menu of La Strada and the benefits of the Cretan diet.
  • Infamous home-made GARLIC BREAD. Who can say no?
  • The Pasta factor. Tagliatelli, penne, tortellini or spaghetti?
  • Seafood Frenzy!! From lobster to crab and the many ways seafood is used in the preperation of our dishes.
  • Meet your friendly La Strada staff.
  • Welcome back to our regulars

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch of the day

We are celebrating locally caught fish with our customers this month. Dorado is now in season in the Mediterranean and La Strada restaurant invite you to try our special offer;
Fresh Dorado simply grilled with a choice of accompaniments. Cretan style roast potatoes, French fries, rice, fresh grilled vegetables and salad.
All for 14.50 Euro.