Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sea food at La Strada

There is no place like the Mediterranean to experience fresh seafood. At La Strada we offer the freshest ingredients combined in traditional Greek and Italian dishes:
Fresh Fish - we have regular catch of the day on offer for our customers. Excellent Seabass and Dorado are available throughout most of the summer and come with a wide range of accompaniments 14.50
Tagliatelle with lobster 8.00
Tagliatelle with King Prawns 7.00
Tagliatelle ocean 7.00
Penne al Tonno 6.00
Penne gambaretti 6.50
Spaghetti frutti de mare 6.50
Spaghetti al sepia 6.50
Fresh Lobster is available upon request.
Mix fried of grilled fish 13.50
Mixed seafood, fried or grilled 14.50
A selection of white fish fillets with tantalising sauces to suit any taste 10.50
Calamari 7.00

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